According to Ayurveda, Can the Frequency of Your Clothes Affect Your Health?

Ooh this is a fascinating topic… Every thing has a charge, some positive, some negative, others neutral. While certain energies will uplift a person, others will drain. 

What does Ayurveda say about the frequency of fabrics? Ayurveda is all about the meeting of qualities. Ayurveda asks, do the meeting of these two things create harmony and balance, or discord and imbalance? 

In the eyes of Ayurveda, how a body meets the fabrics it’s wearing, living, and sweating in, is of importance.

In 2003 a study was done by a doctor named Heidi Yellen on the frequency of fabric

Helen Yellen, with the assistance of technician Ivanne Farr, tested humans and different fabrics with a digital instrument called the Ag-Environ machine.

They found that the human body has the signature frequency of 100mHz. Someone who has a disease, is said to vibrate below 62mHz. At 0mHz, a person is deemed dead. Yellen concluded that: in order not to drain a person’s charge, garments need to be worn that are either the same frequency as the person wearing it, or of a higher frequency.

What are the frequency of fabrics? 

  • Linen (made from flax): 5000mHz
  • Wool: 5000 mHz 
  • Organic cotton: 70 - 110 mHz (some researchers say it can be up to 400mHz
  • Non organic cotton: 40 - 70mHz
  • Rayon + bamboo: 15mHz
  • Polyester: 10mHz
  • Spandex, Lycra, elastane: 15mHz
  • Silk 15mHz

More on Linen...

The research study conducted by Yellen also mentioned these fantastical sounding particles called Tachyons.  Tachyons emerged from Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity and are said to travel faster than the speed of light! Meaning they are of an incredibly high vibration. 

The physician and researcher Dr Philip Callahan found that “flax cloth [i.e. linen] …acts as an antenna for the Tachyon Energy”. Pure flax cloth, he found, had the ability to speed up healing, even when used locally on wounds or areas of pain on the body.

NOTE: Linen and wool should not be worn / used together, as they cancel each other out. Wool’s energy is said to flow from left to right while linen from right to left.  The Bible even talks about this phenomena: “You shall not wear a garment of different sorts, such as wool and linen mixed together`' (Deuteronomy: 22.11)

Further findings on linen: 

  • Linen is said to aid and support sleep 
  • It is said to help accelerate the healing process 
  • It has fungal and bacterial resistance, so good to wear and to sleep in! 
  • It regulates body temperature 

We resonate with anything we come into contact with 

If healthy humans are said to vibrate between 70 - 100mHz, we want to make sure our fabrics match or better this frequency. Things that have an energy field will look to resonate with other energy fields! This also goes for people too. Meaning, if a person of a low vibration meets a person with a higher one, they will both have to do some straining to meet each other. And it is exhausting to have to belittle or reach with one’s energy. 

Our surroundings also impact us, see previous article on electro magnetic frequencies and wifi and how they impact us. 

So could fabrics really make us ill?

This research by Yellen suggests that wearing low-frequency clothing can put the body into a vulnerable state, lowering the immune system, potentially causing inflammation and emotional issues. 

With that being said, it is not just up to our clothes to keep us in high spirits and free of disease. We need to put in this work ourselves by: eating well, following a lifestyle that suits our constitution, meditating, not bathing in EMFs, restricting usage of computers, smart devices and phones, and making sure we are getting proper sleep. The reality is, our human frequency will supersede that of a fabric, but perhaps this is an unnecessary battle to undertake energetically.  Anything that can support us in our daily lives is a blessing… So I for one am going to get into some linen clothes and bedding! 


By Selina Van Orden 

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