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Experience all of the flavors and notes guiding you into awareness each day, to help balance your life from the inside, out. We bring you PIOR Living, a dietary ecosystem filled with life force to support a healthy, balanced, and energetic lifestyle.

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Experience Dietary Sovereignty

PIOR Living’s products are natural and sustainably sourced from farms and villages throughout India. All of our practices are designed to support and nourish the full spectrum of our environment, from the soil where the ingredients are harvested, to the members of the towns we work with, to the minds and bodies of our global community. Each of our products are created with intentionality, mindfulness, integrity, and environmental sustainability at the forefront.

PIOR Living's products are made from superior 100% natural ingredients that are Non-GMO, Gluten-Free and Certified Organic. Informed by the ancient Vedic system, each ingredient is harvested with the seasons, minimally processed and used with intention. The result is live food that strengthens the body, mind, and spirit.

Rasa provides nourishment and is the source of all taste that we experience. In fact, chronic health disorders and low quality of life are the result of the absence of ‘Rasa’ in our daily diet. This is why, in Ayurveda, taste is a source of nourishment and is as important as the quality of ingredients. We at PIOR Living are delighted to offer various ‘Rasa’ dietary products that not only deeply nourish your body, maintaining balance and longevity but also carry a supreme flavor, because enjoyment of food is essential.


"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

In Ayurveda, diet is much more than physical nourishment. Diet is a means to nourish our bodies, minds and spirits. In this sense, diet should become “Brahma,” meaning knowledge and truth.

How do we obtain food with ‘Brahma’ (knowledge and truth)? The answer is, ‘Dietary Sovereignty' through the Dietary Ecosystem.

According to Veda, our food carries memory and imprints of the entire production process (dietary ecosystem). These memories sync with our own memories once we consume food.

Therefore the intention and integrity behind the land, habitat, farming, people, culture, and sustainability of habitat are essential to our health. This differs from the Western approach of food, which deals with nutrition on a purely chemical level. Ayurveda acknowledges the chemical importance of food but also encourages a conscious understanding of the energetics of food. Once derailed from this conscious diet path, various life imbalances and disorders erupt and can degrade quality of life, resulting in inflammation and illness.

At PIOR Living, our entire production process is designed to bring you Dietary Sovereignty. We deliver an unwavering commitment to the Dietary Ecosystem, while honoring ancient heritage and practices and rasa. When you consume PIOR Living products, you will be eating in a manner that promotes health and longevity - not just for yourself, but for the world that you're part of.

Satisfied Customers

  • "Best purchase I have made in a long time! I feel more alert when I am studying and when I meditate, I've noticed that I can stay focused for longer. It has also curbed some of my cravings and improved my mood."
    Denise P.
  • "I've recently started getting into the holistic/natural approaches to food and life. I started taking Chyawanprash after reading about its benefits and was immediately drawn to how clean the product was and the quality of ingredients. I am 60 years old but feel like I’m 40. My mind is clear, I can focus and get deeper into my meditation and I always have stamina for my workouts!"
    Simrun K.
  • "I initially bought this product after noticing an amazing glow on my friend's face who also takes it. Not only did it help keep my acne flare-ups at bay, but it also keeps my mind clear while studying for exams. I drink this every morning with a glass of hot goat's milk and I am clear headed, focused and never felt better! Amazing product!"
    Akila N.

Journal Entries

Our journal entries are added frequently and we discuss the topics that are relevant to our own lives and journey toward physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Topics are varied, from the best pitta dosha breakfast to the ingredients lists of various ayurvedic products, and from the best morning yoga rituals to overcoming the challenges of modern life. If you have an idea for a journal entry that you'd like to see us write, please contact us directly and we'll get working!