Collection: Botanical Supplements and Supernutrients

Get concentrated support for Longevity, Mind, Hair, Skin and Digestion with powerful supernutrient botanical supplements from organic and wildharvested herbs and spices

From Nature

Made from 100% real whole foods, herbs, and spices.

The human body was designed to derive its nutrition from food. That's why we designed our supplements from real, natural, whole foods, herbs, and spices that our bodies are able to easily recognize and process. We also include extracts for concentrated delivery of supernutrients to maximize effectiveness. 


We honor ancient wisdom.

We use time-tested botanicals that have been used for centuries by ancient cultures and traditional systems of medicine to help people heal and thrive.

Clean Ingredients

Only organic or wild-harvested botanicals.

Our herbal and botanical supplements are all natural and free of additives. We never use synthetic ingredients, artificial flavors or colorings, binders, or fillers.

The Why

But why take supplements? Why not just eat real food?

Most of us don’t meet our nutrition needs from food alone. The consumption of processed foods and nutrient-depleted ingredients combined with chronic stress and frequent exposure to toxic substances have created a need for dietary support. PIOR Living offers clean and comprehensive whole food supplements and extracts to help you feel and look your best.