PIOR Living is deeply committed to the integrity and quality of our products and production process. To deliver the highest quality and purest herbal and dietary products, the botanicals in our Chyawanprash are:

  • Sustainably sourced from India
  • Organic or wild-harvested
  • Harvested with the seasons
  • Minimally processed
  • Used with intention

We also confirm that:

  • Our raw honey is wild-crafted and never heated or cooked (according to ayurveda)
  • Our raw honey and Ghruta ghee are not used in equal proportion in our Chyawanprash formula (according to ayurveda)
  • Our jaggery is wild-harvested
  • Our black sesame oil is virgin and cold-pressed
  • Our Ghruta ghee is acquired from grass-fed, non-hybrid Indian Gir cows that are free to roam and are only milked by free will, never by force.
  • Our Bamboo Salt is made from hand-crafted from hand-harvested sea salt and green techniques

Our Sustainability Practices

To support the sustainability of our ingredients, we verify our Chyawanprash botanicals are not listed by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) and are either certified organic or procured by wildharvesting under the Biodiversity Regulation of India.

Our Testing

To certify the quality of our products, we require certificates of analysis for Organoleptic, Physiochemical, Heavy Metals, and Microbiological Limit.

Organoleptic Testing

Organoleptic testing is used for the identification of our products and involves the physical examination of the herbs to confirm that they have the correct appearance, color, odor and taste.


To confirm the authenticity of the herbs, we use thin layer chromatography and conduct drying to reveal that the levels of solids, ash content, and active ingredients present in the plants adhere to the recommended reference ranges.

Heavy Metals

For the safety of our customers and to be in compliance with California Proposition 65, we test our herbs and products to confirm they fall within the acceptable daily limits for arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury using independent India and U.S. laboratories.

Microbiological Limit

We also test for microbiological activity and use both India and U.S. laboratories.

Our Commitment to You

PIOR Living is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products and production processes. If you have any questions about our ingredients or quality assurance practices, please contact us.