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Bamboo Salt 3X | Grey Powder

Bamboo Salt 3X | Grey Powder

Alkaline Mineral Sea Salt | 300g

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Bamboo Salt is the highest quality salt on earth and Bamboo Salt 3X, with its mild sulphur taste, is ideal for cooking and seasoning. Toxin free, alkaline (10.10 pH), and rich in 70+ minerals, PIOR Living's grey bamboo sea salt is handcrafted over 7 days honoring ancient Buddhist monk traditions and roasted 3 times at 1472°F to enhance the healing benefits of salt.

Suggested Use

Use for cooking, seasoning, and electrolyte drinks. Bamboo salt can also be used for oral, eye, nasal, and skin care.

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Origin Story

Over a thousand years ago, Buddhist monks created bamboo salt as a health remedy for the Korean people. It’s made by filling bamboo stalks with sea salt and roasting it at a high temperature 3 times to remove toxins and infuse the salt with minerals.


Bamboo Salt 3x is crafted in small batches over 7 days using hand harvested sea salt from the Western coast of Korea. Honoring ancient Korean Buddhist monk traditions, sun-dried sea salt is deposited into 3-year-old bamboo pillars and sealed with red clay collected from the Korean mountains. The bamboo pillars are placed in an iron kiln and roasted over a pinewood fire at 1472°F for 8-15 hours until the bamboo is incinerated and a grey salt pillar remains. The salt pillars are ground, re-sealed into new bamboo stalks, and the process is repeated 2 more times. When the salt cools, it’s ground into grey powder that is free from toxins, rich in bioactive minerals and alkaline at 10.10 pH.

Health Benefits

Bamboo salt is unlike any salt on earth. Due to its unique production process, it offers a variety of distinctive health benefits.

  • Free of toxins. When sea salt is heated to high temperatures, toxins, such as heavy metals, micro-plastics, and other harmful compounds, are evaporated.
  • Source of bioactive minerals. Bamboo salt contains various bioactive minerals such as K, P, Ca, Mg, Si, Fe, Cu, Ba, V, Mn, Zn, Ge, Mo, Se, Pt, S, Sr, B, Li, which are essential for the production and activation of enzymes and biological activities. Bamboo salt also has a chemical composition which is very similar to that of our bodies.
  • Alkalizes food and the body. Bamboo salt has an 10.10 pH which neutralizes acidic food. Its alkali-forming mineral composition has an alkalizing effect on of the body.
  • Acts as an antioxidant to eliminate free radicals. By activating various antioxidant enzymes, bamboo salt has high oxidation reduction potential (ORP) to eliminate free radicals, which are connected to most modern diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer, etc.
  • Amplifies nutritive benefits of food. Bamboo salt’s mineral concentration helps to move nutrients to cells, increasing the pharmalogical effects of food.
  • Replenishes electrolytes. Bamboo salt has a lower conductivity than other salts and is about 1/10 the size of the salt lattice. This results in rapid absorption through the cell membranes to regulate the electrolyte concentration of the body. In addition, the minerals in bamboo salt, such as potassium, calcium, and phosphorus, help promote the excretion of excess Sodium (Na) to balance bodily fluids.
  • Improves immune function. Bamboo salt has a much higher antibacterial quality than other salts, improving the body’s ability to manage viruses and bacteria.


Bamboo salt can be used by itself, in cooking, seasoning and electrolyte drinks, and for oral, eye, nasal, and skin care:

  • By itself. For general health and wellness, dissolve a pinch of salt on your tongue multiple times a day.
  • Cooking and seasoning. To alkalize food, increase mineral consumption, and activate the pharmacological benefits of food, use as a replacement for table salt in cooking or seasoning.
  • Electrolyte drinks. To replenish moisture lost from sweating and exercise, dissolve 1/3 tsp in 8oz water and consume for optimal hydration.
  • Oral care. To strengthen gums and teeth, and reduce inflammation in the mouth, brush teeth with bamboo salt or use as a mouthwash.
  • Eye and nasal care. To flush impurities and improve sinus related conditions, dissolve 1/10 tsp in 8oz water and rinse.
  • Bathing. For foot and skin care, dissolve 3 tsp in 1 gallon of warm water, soak for approximately 30 minutes, and rinse with water.


Consult your healthcare provider prior to using this product if you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication, have a medical condition, or are on a sodium restricted diet. Keep in a cool, dry place.

Some people may experience symptoms from a ‘healing crisis’ after consuming Bamboo salts, such as swelling, headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, itching, and hives. In you experience symptoms, lower your dose, consult your healthcare provider, and gradually increase as tolerated.

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Customer Reviews

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lisa schrempp

I am in love with this salt, hopefully as healing as tasty!

Bamboo salt

I am really enjoying the depth of flavor in this salt. I add a pinch to my water bottle and love it!

Ana Juliana
Highly Alkaline

My body feels the mineral rejuvenation from the nourishing makeup of Pior’s bamboo salt. I most frequently add the salt to water, lemon, and a dash of maple syrup for an all natural electrolyte remedy.