Ayurveda wants us to live in harmony with nature. So Ayurveda shows us how to  remain in balance with the differing qualities of the day, season and stage of life we find ourselves in. This is key when thinking about what medicine we should take, when. 

In the eyes of Ayurveda, taking supplements and medicines at the correct time is important. By doing so, we optimise their efficiency and absorbability. 

For instance: if we have a weak digestive system, bloating and constipation, then we use a medicine that makes our food more digestible, and we will therefore take it with our food.

You Are Not What You Eat, You Are What You Can Absorb...

A key bit of info when taking supplements = absorbability. We need a clear GI tract and digestive system to properly absorb the nutrients we are taking. You are not what you eat, you are what you can absorb. This means we need a body free of toxicity (ama) that often lines and blocks the channels, stopping the necessary nutrients from being absorbed. We get rid of ama by cleansing the body. 

When to take the Pior Living Supplements

Skin Formula: you want this supplement to circulate around the entire body, so it should be taken first thing in the morning with warm water. The skin is the largest organ of the body and it is the shell for our entire being. The skin is the by-product of the muscle tissue (mamsa dhatu) so you are also nourishing your muscles by taking this formula

Hair Formula: as hair is the offshoot (upadhatu) of bone tissue (asthi dhatu), you want this medicine to circulate through your entire body and bone system, this means you should take this first thing in the morning too

Digestive Formula: depending on the state of your digestive fire and system, you can either take this just before you eat, or with the first few bits of your food. Take it with a little warm water to further help enkindle your digestive fire (agni)

Longevity Formula: is a cellular rejuvenator, so once again wants to spread through the whole body, so this too should be taken first thing in the morning 

Mind Formula: can be taken last thing at night, at least 3 hours after your last meal of the day with some warm water, as this is the optimum time for things to act on the mind, and sub-conscience with the most potency

*See the below table with details for practitioners on medicine timings

Details on Specific Timings of taking Dravya / Medicines / Supplements for Practitioners: 

Timing for Dravya 


Working with which Vayu / Specific Action 

First thing in the morning

On an empty stomach, if we are looking for the supplement or medicine to fill the entire body 


Just before a meal 

Followed directly by food, works on the lower abdomen and digestive tract 


During a meal 

This is the digestive fire increaser, so works with the food and the body increasing the body’s digestive capacity in that moment


After a meal 

Acts on upper part of the body, helps with water retention 

Kapha Prakopa / Kapha Ksaya

Every 1 - 2 hours 

This is how we drown a pathology with a medicine, when something is incessant 

All 5 Vayus 

Before and After a meal

If someone has no digestive fire capacity, the medicine acts like a vehicle for the food, encapsulating it at either end and making sure it is able to be digested

Prana, Udana & Apana 

Mixed with food 

Is another way of working with the digestive system directly, chauffeuring the food through the body and stoking the digestive fire 


Before you go to sleep 

At least three hours after food has been digested, this acts on the mind and sub conscious, helping people as they sleep 



By Selina Van Orden

Selina Van Orden is an Ayurvedic Practitioner living and working in the UK, to find out more or book a consultation atyourbest.one

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