Ayurvedic medicine is a comprehensive system developed over thousands of years. This ancient science helps people understand the complex relationship between their diet and their bodies and provides a roadmap for living a long and healthy life. In this article, we're going to talk about the best Ayurvedic medicine for increasing immunity.

Ayurvedic Food Medicine

One of the primary ideas in Ayurveda is that food is medicine. That said, there are a number of foods that are particularly useful when it comes to boosting health.
  • Ghee is one of the best ways to raise ojas, which is highly correlated to vitality and immunity. In fact, ghee is is said to mimic the taste, colour, and texture of ojas itself. It's incredibly important to source your dairy from a healthy, ethical source, as unethically produced dairy - such as that obtained through factory farming - can carry negative influences.
  • Sweet and juicy fruits like dates, figs, pears, peaches, and mangoes transform themselves quickly into ojas, especially if they've been allowed to ripen on the tree.
  • Kitchari, a simple food made from rice and moong dal, is easy to digest and can boost ojas especially when combined with digestive spices such as cumin and turmeric.

Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine

Chyawanprash is a hidden gem when it comes to boosting immunity. It's known as one of the best Ayurvedic remedies to boost immunity and overall health because it is made from a large number of medicinal herbs and spices. These botanicals are mixed in a base of ojas boosting honey and ghee. Some of the herbs often included in Chyawanprash include:
  • Amla, a powerful fruit which is also the foundational ingredient of triphala, an Ayurvedic substance that is a powerful immune booster.
  • Haritaki, another powerful fruit that helps to rid the body of ama and boost immunity.
  • Long pepper fruit, another Ayurvedic fruit that's revered for its immune-boosting properties.
  • Neem leaf, a powerful antimicrobial herb.
  • Ashwagandha root, a strong adaptogen known to boost immunity.
  • Shatavari, another powerful immune booster.
Many of these herbs are powerful immune-boosters on their own, but their health properties are significantly amplified when they are combined.

Lifestyle as Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic medicine covers all aspects of the human organism, not just our diet. In that sense, there are some forms of Ayurvedic medicine that have nothing to do with food. The best Ayurvedic medicine for increasing immunity include:
  • Panchakarma, a series of purification treatments that is best done under the guidance of an Ayurvedic practitioner. This combination of massage, steam baths, and internal cleansing will boost immunity.
  • Abhyanga, or Ayurvedic massage, helps to release ama stored in tissues.
  • Yoga, a system of meditation and exercise that encourages healthy metabolism and blood flow. This prevents stagnance and allows ama to be transported out of the body.
  • Meditation. Ayurveda recognizes that mental stability is important for physical health. Meditation helps to bring balance to our emotional health, which in turn prevents us from developing diseases.
Combining these practices along with a healthy, Ayurvedic diet is the best way to boost your immunity. Learn more about how to use Ayurveda for immunity. Reviewed by Dr. Jayant Lokhande, MD (Botanical Drugs), MBA (Biotechnology)
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