To protect your teeth and gums, it’s important to use a toothpaste that’s safe and healthy – and bamboo salt toothpaste meets both of these criteria. Whether you buy bamboo salt toothpaste from a health store or make your own, you can enjoy the benefits of this healthy toothpaste.

Bamboo salt basics

While many people are familiar with Himalayan salt used in beauty products and saline nasal rinses for respiratory ailments, there’s also another type of salt that is gaining popularity: Korean bamboo salt (also known as Jugyeom).

Even though the origins of bamboo salt stretch back about 1,000 years, many people are learning about its benefits for the first time. It’s a unique and powerful variety of salt that’s rich in minerals, free from toxins, and highly alkaline, offering countless benefits for your oral health and other parts of your body. It’s also free from the additives that are found in traditional table salt.

The process for preparing the bamboo salt involves hand-harvesting natural sea salt, which is then put into bamboo pillars and sealed with clay. From there, the pillars are roasted, which allows their oil to seep into the salt – infusing minerals, flavor, and other healthy properties. Bamboo salt can be roasted up to nine times, with each roasting changing the salt’s alkalinity, color, and taste.

Why should you use bamboo salt toothpaste?

Several medical studies have found that using an herbal toothpaste that contains bamboo salt can improve oral hygiene, reduce plaque, whiten teeth, and decrease tooth hypersensitivity. They also promote a healthy mouth microbiome and are free of SLS, sulfates, phthalates, preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors.

According to the book Bamboo Salt Is Science by Si-woo Park, there are many benefits of brushing your teeth and massaging your gums with bamboo salt. Some of the key perks include less inflammation, stronger teeth, and improvement of various gum diseases.

How to make and use bamboo salt toothpaste

Incorporating bamboo salt into your dental care routine is easy. All you have to do is sprinkle a little bit of high-quality bamboo salt onto your toothpaste whenever you brush your teeth. You can use the toothpaste daily as part of a brushing routine as recommended by your dentist.

If you’d rather not make your own, you can look for bamboo salt toothpaste online, at local Korean markets, and in stores that specialize in natural foods.

Making a sea salt mouthwash is another great way to boost your oral hygiene. Rinsing with sea salt can prevent infection after dental procedures, help heal certain oral diseases and ailments, protect against gum disease, and more.

Where to find high-quality bamboo salt

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