Some types of salt are considered medicinal salt (also known as therapeutic salt), meaning that they can be used internally or externally as a remedy, support treatment, or act as a preventive measure for various health ailments. Below, learn more about medicinal salt, including its history, varieties, uses, and where to find it.

History of Medicinal Salt

Throughout history, salt has been an integral part of many cultures’ rituals, purification, and cleansing practices. It's also been a universal ingredient in the treatment of disease and was used as a medicinal substance by many cultures, including the Egyptians, Greeks, and Chinese. 

Uses of Salt in Medicine

Salt is known for:

  • Aiding in the balance of electrolytes and fluids
  • Carrying nutrients into cells
  • Supporting the transfer of nerve impulses
  • Regulating blood pressure
  • Aiding the secretion of gastric acid

It's also used for oral hygiene and relieving constipation.

But the most popular universal use of salt in medicine is IV infusions. Every person around the world who is admitted to a hospital is immediately given an IV infusion of sodium chloride and water due to its incredible benefits in regulating the body and homeostasis.

Types of Medicinal Salt

Although all salt has medicinal value, several varieties are more potent and therapeutic than others.

In general, mineral salts or natural salts (those without any additives or chemicals) like Bamboo Salt, Himalayan Salt and Sea Salt are better because they contain essential trace minerals that are needed for optimal functioning of the nervous system and other bodily functions. 

Bamboo Salt

Bamboo salt has been used for over a thousand years as a medicinal salt for the Korean people. It was first developed by Korean Buddhist monks as a health remedy and has gained in popularity all over the world for its many therapeutic qualities, such as: 

  • Alkalizing food and the body
  • Serving as a source of bioactive minerals
  • Acting as an antioxidant
  • Boosting the nutritive effects of food
  • Replenishing electrolytes
  • Supporting immune function

On top of that, research has shown that some forms of medicinal salt ‚Äď including bamboo salt ‚Äď can act as a natural¬†cancer inhibitor, by slowing down the spread of cancerous cells throughout the body. This is because they are thought to create a less favorable microenvironment for the growth of tumors and inhibiting metastasis.

For these reasons, bamboo salt is considered the purest, healthiest, and highest-quality salt in the world.

Radiance Salt Tea

Radiance Salt Tea is another type of medicinal salt. It is 100% pure, toxin-free salt ground into fine powder for supreme absorption as therapeutic tea.

It's crafted from sea salt continuously heated at 1832¬įF for 300 hours to remove toxins and maximize salt‚Äôs natural healing properties and detoxification tendencies of binding and drawing toxins out of the body. Radiance Salt Tea is free from heavy metals, micro-plastics, harmful compounds, and impurities.¬†

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