Salt water eye washes are a natural, time-tested remedy for cleansing the eyes. But for them to be effective, you have to use the right type of salt and apply the eye wash correctly. Below, we’ll share some of the key benefits of salt water eye washes and explain how to make your own at home.

Benefits of using a salt water eye wash

Like teardrops, salt water eye washes rinse away dirt, debris, and discharge from your eyes, keeping them clean and free from obstruction. In addition, salt water eye washes have antimicrobial properties, which help reduce bacteria and keep your eyes healthy.

A salt water eye wash can also be used as a mild lubricant, providing immediate relief from eye dryness, discomfort, and itching and helping re-establish the correct moisture levels in your eyes. In addition, saline eyewash can help relieve irritation caused by dust or pollen, environmental contaminants, or contact lenses. Finally, salt water eye washes may also aid in the treatment of mild eye infections and allergies.

How to make a salt water eye wash

Before we explain how to prepare your own saline solution, we’d like to stress the importance of using high-quality salt in your eye wash. You should absolutely avoid any type of low-quality salt that contains heavy metals or toxins, such as iodized table salt. Instead, seek out a higher-end salt, like nine-times roasted purple bamboo salt, which is made from natural ingredients with no harmful additives.

Now, let’s walk through the steps for creating your own salt water eye wash.

First, boil just over half a liter of water, then let it cool down completely to prevent irritation from hot or cold water. Next, scoop one teaspoon of high-quality bamboo salt into a cup or bottle and mix in half a liter of the cooled water. Stir thoroughly.

According to Si-woo Park, the author of “Bamboo salt is science,” it’s normal to feel a slight stinging sensation when applying the wash around your eyes, but you can always decrease the concentration level if it’s too uncomfortable. Also, if you’re making the eye wash for your children, you should dilute it more than you would for adult usage.

How to wash eyes with salt water

When you’re ready to wash your eyes, start by dipping a cotton ball into the saline solution. Then, gently use it to wipe your eye from the outer corner inward toward your nose, and throw away the cotton swab. Repeat this process a few times until you feel relief or less irritation around your eyes.

While it’s safe to flush your eyes with a salt water wash on occasion, you should not use eye washes excessively. Depending on your eye care routine, it is recommended that you use saline in combination with other medications and products for maximum efficacy.

Where to find bamboo salt

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