Check out the Fresh Leaf Forever podcast by Vai Kumar as she interviews PIOR Living's Selina Van Orden on integrating Ayurveda into the western system and living. Vai is an expert digital media content strategist who believes in the power of 'listen, ponder, change' to induce a positive shift in anyone's journey. She says, "I found it very appropriate that come on the show to talk about adapting an Ayurvedic lifestyle in the Western World, or for that matter in other parts of the world. Getting better health outcomes is the most vital role for anyone in life; more so, preventing diseases before they manifest into stages that become perplexing." In this conversation, Vai and Selina discuss:
  • Different stages of conditions per Ayurveda
  • Stages of discomfort before a condition becomes a disease
  • Being in tune with current and birth conditions
  • Different elements and their make up - air, fire, earth , recognized as Doshas by Ayurveda
  • What ghee is - based on ancient texts of Ayurveda
  • Medicated ghee for certain conditions
  • Gritha or ghee as it relates to certain conditions
  • Dairy or lactose intolerance and ghee
  • Digestive fire - Agni and its importance
  • Ghee and Omega 3
  • Role of cold beverages and fat deposits
  • Aging and role of ghee in combating aging
  • Adaptogenic quality of ghee
  • Immunity and conditions manifesting; how Ayurveda deals with it
  • Role of Chyawanprash and how it helps immunity
  • Selina's daily routine - as an example for life in the Western world and incorporating healthy practices
  • Eating based on one's needs, systemic cleanse
and much more ..... Tune in today to benefit from this conversation: Follow the podcast on Spotify, Google, Apple , Amazon or the podcast website.
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