Feeling a little too attached to your morning cup of coffee lately? Curious about alternatives that leave you less jittery? Or maybe coffee has never been your thing? If you answered yes, maybe it is time to try one of the below alternatives to coffee for energy!

5 Alternatives to Coffee for Energy

Coffee is not ideal for everyone and can sometimes lead to digestive issues, acidity and anxiety. If you are looking for something new, try switching it up with one of these healthy, natural alternatives to coffee to boost energy and mental clarity in a better way.

Herbal Chai Tea

Chai Tea is black tea blended with herbs and spices. This type of tea contains less caffeine than coffee meaning less crash and less jittery throughout your day. Not only will you feel energized, but this chai spice blend will boost agni and support your immune system. Try making it a latte with by adding your favorite plant milk!


There is a reason this ancient formula is known as "The Yogi's Breakfast". Chyawanprash is a unique Ayurvedic blend of ghee, sesame oil, honey, jaggery and more than 30 herbs and spices. This superfood jam is prized for increasing immunity, enhancing overall health and wellness, and providing a gentle and caffeine-free boost in energy. The energizing qualities of Chyawanprash are largely due to the four adaptogenic herbs it contains: Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Holy Basil, and Bacopa. Adaptogens help increase your body's resilience to stress. By regulating cortisol release and improving general strength and vitality, these powerful botanicals help support your body's natural capacity for energy. Try a spoonful of Chyawanprash first thing in the morning followed by a glass of warm water to get your day going in a calm, yet energized and focused way.

Antioxidant-rich Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is a perfect energy boosting coffee alternative because it is high in antioxidants and aids brain function. Like chai tea, this coffee alternative contains less caffeine than coffee and contains compounds that enhance your mood and boost metabolism. Matcha is also known to have a relaxing energy that is time-released so that you feel calm yet focused. Matcha is easy to prepare and, just like chai, try making it a latte with your favorite plant milk!

Morning Yoga Flow

Why not try morning movement to replace your morning cup of joe? By practicing yoga in the morning, you wake up both body and mind, making this the perfect alternative to coffee. Flowing through even a short sequence will move prana through the physical body providing energy and focus for the day ahead.

Boost Energy with Lemon Water

Simple and easy to make: lemon water gives alertness and clarity. Even just the aroma of lemon can reduce stress hormones and wake you up! Plus, the addition of water will reduce dehydration and detoxify. Sip on lemon water throughout your day whenever you need an energy boost. Try adding in one or even two of these energy boosting coffee alternatives for a healthy and natural way to boost your energy and immunity. Ayurveda teaches us that an individualized approach is how we find what works best of us; take time to notice how coffee affects you - is it enhancing or hurting to your mind, body and spirit? While coffee may not be for everyone; one of the options above is sure to be an uplifting addition to your routine! Alexa Bull is an Ayurvedic Health Coach, Yoga Teacher and Aromatherapist based in Brooklyn.
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