Amplify your loved one’s meditation practice with these chakra inspired gifts that are helpful in balancing the subtle energies. If you've ever taken a yoga class you've probably heard of the term chakras. Chakras are energy points in your body. The yogic tradition uses the seven main chakra system to promote clarity and connection. In addition, each chakra corresponds to a name, element, color, mantra, stone, and organs and nerves in the body. Discover these chakra meditation gifts to connect your loved one to all chakras.

Chakra Mediation Gifts

Chakra Meditation Tapestry

chakra meditation gifts

Brighten your space with this fun and colorful chakra meditation tapestry. It is useful for yoga and meditation practice or for placing over your bed while you journal.

Chakra Gemstone Wall Hanging

gemstone chakra hanging wall piece

Bring delight to your loved one’s space with this Chakra Gemstone Wall Hanging gift. This handmade piece is made from poplar wood and stained in a dark oak color and is complete with gemstones separating each chakra.

Tea Set

chakra meditation tea set

Connect deeper to each chakra with this chakra tea collection. Each tea corresponds with a specific chakra and therefore enhances the energetic balance and pranic flow. These teas are all organic and bring high vibrations to your mug.

8-piece Crystal Gift Set

chakra meditation crystal gifts

Crystals amplify chakra meditations by aligning the energies. You can balance yourself by laying each crystal on top of the corresponding chakra during meditation practice, or use one at a time for which chakra you want to balance most. The 8-piece Crystal Gift Set is great for those new to meditation and crystals or seasoned practitioners looking to deepen their practice.

Chakra Balancing Water Charging Coaster chakra balancing coaster

Chakra meditation gifts bring in an energizing charge while connecting to all of the elements. In order to align energy, this Chakra Balancing Coaster contains a mixture of chakra stones, metals, cast resin, and originate crystals to charge your water for a significant healing effect. This plate also attracts life force energy, prana, to penetrate your system on the most subtle level.

Chakra Meditation Gifts to Elevate your Practice

The Daily Stoic - Ryan Holiday

daily stoic by ryan holiday

Ryan Holiday shares great wisdom in his bestselling book, The Daily Stoic. This book collects meditations, insights, and exercises that help meditators reach a new level in their practice. You can pair this book with a journal to offer your meditation lover the chance to go deep within.

Square Meditation Cushion

Chakra Meditation Gifts

Elevate your loved one’s meditation practice with this versatile, non-toxic, and durable square meditation pillow. It is sustainably filled with vegan buckwheat hulls to adjust to each person. Comfy, luxurious, and long-lasting, your loved one will be gracious for this upgrade and may even wish to discover different types of meditation.

Transform Fear to Faith Card Deck fear to faith card deck

Connection to spiritual guidance allows one to trust and go deeper. In the morning, try pulling one of these Fear to Faith Transformational cards to elevate your meditation practice and align your intuition to your highest source. This inspiring 52-card deck offers support when you are lost, safety in the face of uncertainty, and joy in all circumstances.


unique yoga gifts

Chyawanprash, known as The Yogi's Breakfast, supports meditation practice by rejuvenating and balancing one’s body, mind, and spirit. This ancient Ayurvedic herbal jam strengthens the tissues deep within the body, helping to stabilize the nervous system and encourage the free flow of pranic energy. When pranic flow moves freely, intuition improves! For more ideas, check out:
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Clare Michalik, Ayurvedic Practitioner @Clareminded
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