Are you looking to add a little pep to your step? Maybe you hit a wall in the afternoon and want to avoid grabbing another cup of coffee. What if the energy you’re searching for is already inside you? A study from the University of Waterloo shows how a simple meditation practice like the one described below can boost energy. The following energy enhancement meditation uses a vibrating breathing exercise followed by a visualization meditation to stimulate and invigorate the body and mind so you can tackle the day ahead. Before beginning your practice, consider taking 1 tsp of Chyawanprash. Chyawanprash is an ancient Ayurvedic herbal jam renowned for sharpening focus, boosting energy, and increasing one’s overall vitality. With over 30+ superfood botanicals, it's a time-tested health supplement for enhancing meditation. Learn about the health benefits of Chyawanprash here.

Breathing Exercise to Enhance Your Energy

Breathing exercises or pranayama are powerful meditation tools to enhance energy. There are a variety of breathing exercises, all of which provide various outcomes. In general, an energy enhancement meditation will work to cultivate energy through stimulation. An invigorating breathing exercise such as the double inhale breath works best. Double inhale pranayama is a rapid breathing technique that brings more oxygen and prana or lifeforce into your body. This double inhale breathing pranayama exercise is simple and easy for beginners. Start slow and work your way up. How to:
  1. Start by sitting comfortably on a mat or chair. (use a block or bolster if on the ground). Hands are facing up on your knees or lap.
  2. Take three full cleansing breaths in and out (focus on breathing through your lower abdomen)
  3. Take your first inhale through your NOSE and lift your hands to shoulder height.
  4. On your second inhale through your NOSE and lift your hands to the top of your head.
  5. Flip your palms over and Exhale through your MOUTH, lowering your hands. (your hands will naturally want to flip over at the top, allow this)
  6. Continue how many rounds feel good.
  • Start slow, and then increase your speed as you feel comfortable.
  • Start with 20, 50, then work your way up to 108.
Watch Double Inhale Pranayama for a visual demonstration.

Energy Enhancement Meditation

After building your energy through the double inhale breathing exercise, you can try this visualization meditation to enhance your power and circulate it throughout your body to invigorate sensations! Bring your hands to your lap and allow the energy you just built to circulate within you. Starting from your heart, visualize your radiant energy moving up and down each leg. Then follow the energy out to the tips of your fingers, along your spine, neck, and crown of your head. Take three deep breaths in, and three deep breaths out. Feel your energy getting stronger, expanding wider than your physical body. Now, imagine all around you is the energy of the universe. This energy is bright, vibrant, and is moving smoothly and swiftly around you. Tap into this energy. Next, picture what you are cultivating this energy for. Play out the scene of you taking on your next task with so much vibrancy and stamina. Inhale the energy that surrounds you, feeling the breath transferring to your entire being—pause. You are inviting new life into every cell in your body. You feel your energy revitalized. Relish in this sensation from this energy enhancement meditation practice. You are ready to take on life! Clare Michalik, Ayurvedic Practitioner, @clareminded
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