Do you know someone that is constantly gazing off into a dreamlike state, sitting cross legged in the corner with their eyes closed, or projecting a sense of peace onto others? If this sounds like someone close to you, then you have a meditator in your life! Next time you're looking to give them a birthday or holiday gift, discover these gifts for meditation lovers. These ideas will support your loved one’s mindful and conscious lifestyle, and may help enhance their meditation practice.

14 Gifts for Meditation Lovers

Whether you know a long-time meditator or someone just beginning their practice, these gifts for meditation lovers will bring a sense of peace and joy to the receiver.

Crystal Starter Kit

Gifts for Meditation Lovers

Crystals and gemstones are a way to deepen one’s meditation practice. The energy of the crystals and stones promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Therefore the use of specific crystals can help alleviate stress or improve concentration and clarity. For beginners, start with this Crystal Starter Kit which includes a sage stick, chakra stones and a selenite stick.

Mala Beads

Gifts for Meditation Lovers

Mala beads are a powerful tool for meditation. They can help tame the monkey-mind and help enhance self-awareness. In the yogic tradition, mala beads are used to recite mantras in meditation. Since they contain 108 beads, malas are used to count and allow the practitioner to focus on the sounds and vibration of the mantra they are chanting.

Frankincense Essential Oil

Gifts for Meditation Lovers

A favorite and well-known essential oil used for meditation is Frankincense. Frankincense promotes peace, relaxation and connectedness, making it especially useful during meditation. Gift this delightful essential oil and suggest diffusing Frankincense during your loved one’s next meditation practice.

Light House Diffuser

essential oil diffuser

Gifts for meditation lovers should complement their space and assist in their overall wellbeing. If you’ve decided on the Frankincense oil above, try pairing it with the Light House Diffuser to offer a powerful aromatic experience. Diffusers help carry essential oils throughout one’s space to enhance the benefits desired.



Chyawanprash is an ancient Ayurvedic herbal jam designed to rejuvenate the body and mind in addition to supporting spiritual advancement. PIOR Living Chyawanprash is a blend of 30+ organic and wild-crafted herbs, spices, honey, jaggery, ghee, and sesame oil that is designed to build vitality and awaken and focus the mind. This can improve your body, mind, and spirit connection and elevate the experience of meditation practice. Use code yogisbreakfast for 15% off.

Holy Basil Chai Tea

holy basil chai tea

Meditation and yoga lovers alike will enjoy this delicious, caffeine-free Holy Basil Chai tea. In addition to being a tasty blend of warming spices, this tea contains holy basil, an important Ayurvedic and spiritual herb. Holy basil is known to help boost your body’s immunity, protects against infection and inflammation, and can stabilize stress levels. This is the perfect tea to sip on before or after a meditation practice to ground and connect inward, while supporting your vitality.

Koshi Chimes

Gifts for Meditation Lovers

Koshi Chimes will amplify your meditation lover's space and offer a state of balance, serenity and peace. These enchanting sounds have a powerful effect on emotions and are a delightful source of healing sound therapy. Use the Earth element as the perfect sound for meditation to call in stability, nurturing and security.

Meditation Cushion

Gifts for Meditation Lovers

Every meditation lover obviously needs a good meditation cushion! Try this premium crescent meditation cushion was specifically designed to improve your spinal alignment and relieve pressure from your back, ankles and knees. If you know someone who meditates and they don’t have a cushion, this is indeed the gift you should give.

Yogic Path Reflection Journal

yogic journal

The perfect companion for any meditation lover is their journal. Sahara Rose created the ideal journal for spiritual seekers that incorporates Earth-based wisdom from Ayurveda and menstrual cycles with cosmic information from Vedic and Western astrology. This year-long journal will walk your meditation lover through monthly concepts, journal prompts, oracle spreads, affirmations, mantras, and practices. This is the perfect gift for those looking for a gentle guide to deepen their meditation practice and to learn more about the cosmic connections.

Spectra Calm Roll On

calm roll on

For an instant calming effect, try Luna Volta’s Spectra Essential Oil Roll-On. Discover Spectra, a luxurious essential oil infused roll-on with notes of peppermint, rosemary, lavender and frankincense. For a calm and grounding effect, try rolling on your temples and wrists before meditation.

Coloring Meditation Book

No matter how big or small, gifts for meditation lovers connect best when they offer a calming effect. Coloring meditation books offer a gentle and soothing moment for the ones who enjoy a meditation practice and are looking for another relaxing practice to ground their minds. Pair this coloring book with a new set of color pencils or markers too as a thoughtful gift this holiday season.

The Power of Now

Gifts for Meditation Lovers The Power of Now is one of the most well-known meditation books. Eckhart Tolle offers simple principles that you can implement into your life now for spiritual growth. This book will take you on a spiritual journey to find your true self. Without a doubt, The Power of Now is a great gift for someone new to meditation looking to deepen their practice, as well as the seasoned practitioner.

Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp

Undoubtedly one of the best gifts for meditation lovers is a Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp for their meditation nook. The pink salt releases negative ions into your space, which help rid toxins from the air. As a result, this helps purify the air quality of your space, enhance your overall breathing, calms allergies, boosts blood flow and balances your mood. Optimize your space with this Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp for a deeper meditation practice.

Nasya Oil

The nose is the gateway to our consciousness and it is important to keep this passageway clean. Nasya is an Ayurvedic practice in which you lubricated the nasal passageway with medicated oil. This practice promotes clear channels, as well as promoting awareness and concentration. Nasya oil is the one of the best gifts for meditation lovers as they can utilize this oil before their next meditation for optimal pranic flow. Banyan’s carefully designed Nasya oil contains brahmi, calamus, skullcap and eucalyptus oil, all of which amplify mental clarity and soothe accumulated stress. We hope your meditation lover enjoys these gift recommendations. For more yoga related gift ideas, check out Unique Yoga Gifts for the Conscious Yogi. Clare Michalik, Ayurvedic Practitioner @Clareminded
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