Perhaps you teach yoga or you have a loved one who is a yoga teacher. Or, you want to thank your yoga teacher with a thoughtful gift of appreciation. Yoga teachers can be an odd bunch (I say that with absolute affection as I teach yoga and own a yoga studio myself!). And, they are certainly not a monolith, meaning not all yoga teachers are alike. However, with an emphasis on wellness and minimalism, here are a few ideas for gifts for yoga teachers.

Superfoods and Wellness Supplements

As a group, yoga teachers and practitioners tend to want to optimize their wellness. Also, if the yoga teacher in your life teaches a heavy class load, recharging their body and mind with special, wholesome foods is important. Many yoga teachers enjoy keeping a well-stocked tea cupboard. So, you may want to consider herbal teas or adaptogenic blends for the yoga teacher in your life.

Chyawanprash and Ghruta

Also, special Ayurvedic foods such as Chyawanprash or Ghruta can be wonderful, nourishing gifts for yoga teachers. Think of Chyawanprash as an herbal super jam. This ancient Ayurvedic breakfast recipe is a nutritional powerhouse of ingredients. Chyawanprash is full of nourishing rasayanas such as amla berry, ashwagandha, shatavari, tulsi, and bacopa. A teaspoon or two per day is a great way to imbibe many beneficial botanicals in a pleasing and tasty way. The yogi in your life can stir Chyawanprash into hot water or hot milk (dairy or non-dairy) to make a special ojas-building tea. Or, spread a bit of Chyawanprash on a date for an herbally-infused treat. Ghruta is another special Ayurvedic food that could make a great gift for yoga teachers. Ghruta is similar to ghee. However, there are some important differences. PIOR Living ghruta is made from free-range, grass-fed cow’s milk. Also, ghruta is made using the milk of A2 cow breeds, such as Gir or Desi cows. A2 milk is more effectively digested and metabolized by humans because it doesn’t contain certain beta-casein proteins which can burden digestion and lead to inflammation. This is especially important for those who are sensitive to dairy products. This special food is highly revered in Ayurveda and has many uses. The yoga teacher in your life can cook with ghruta (it stands up to high temperature cooking!), spread it on toast, add it to their tea, stir it in their porridge, or lick it right off the spoon!

The Gift Of An Experience

It’s no secret that yoga has become a booming industry in the West. That said, there is a huge market for yoga clothing, yoga mats, and other accessories. You may want to check with the yoga teacher in your life to see if they have a particular need or desire in this area. Are they in need of new clothes or a new yoga prop? However, also consider giving the gift of an experience. A gift card to their favorite yoga studio, financial support to attend a workshop, a spa treatment, or even some cherished reading materials can make great gifts for yoga teachers. Education and experiences will last a lifetime.

Gifts For Yoga Teachers: Wellness, Simplicity, and Appreciation

When it comes to gifts for yoga teachers, there isn’t a shortlist, but consider the preferences and personality of the teacher. Gifts that support wellness, learning experiences, and that simply help that yoga teacher in your life to feel appreciated are always a good bet!
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