We like to think letting go is easy, especially if we’re talking about something negative or harmful, but it's often very difficult. We tend to hold on to what we know because we’re used to it; it's familiar to us. Whether it’s binge eating, self-judgment, abuse, or “silly” habits - most of us have things, relationships, emotions, and habits that are not helping us evolve into the best versions of ourselves. Ayurveda talks about the rhythm of nature. It invites us to re-connect with it the way we were before technology, skyscrapers, cars, planes, and busy lives. Just like animals, we are meant to follow the law of mother nature so we can find peace, health, and happiness. This doesn’t mean you have to abandon everything and move to a cave in the middle of nowhere to find yourself. It just means you need to find ways to connect with nature in your everyday life and create space in your schedule to listen to the whispers of the air and observe the behavior of the animals around you.

Why Autumn Is a Perfect Time to Let Go

If we follow the Rhythm of nature during the Autumn season, we observe the release of dried leaves. We see that nature forgets about the past, moves away from what no longer serves her, and steps into a state of transformation. Fall represents the perfect time to take a look at yourself and your life as it is now, and ask yourself, “Am I happy with my life as it is? Are there any internal or external blocks that keep me from moving to where I want to go? Is there anything I want to let go of?” Most people, myself included, have habits, behaviors, attitudes, or thoughts they know are not supporting their journey, yet, don't let go. Today, I invite you to take advantage of the energy and motivation mother nature is giving up to choose to release what no longer serves you and invite the feelings, moments, and experiences you want to have in your life. There are multiples ways to do this, but I’m going to mention my 3 favorite activities.

3 Tools for How To Let Go

  1. Journal daily. This is a great daily practice that brings self-awareness, compassion, and relief. Simply write anything and see where it takes you. If you like more structure, you can start writing about something in your life you don’t like and write down 1 or 2 things you can start doing today to change your reality. It is important for your journal daily so you can slowly move from the awkwardness that comes when writing “Dear diary” and start looking at yourself from another perspective. You’ll find you already have the answers you needed after a few days.
  2. Practice a burning bowl ceremony. This is a beautiful ceremony where you use fire to cleanse your body, soul, and mind from negativity and manifest what you want to have in your life. Observing the fire burning what you want to release gives a sense of liberation and will empower you. There are lots of information on how to practice this and you can check my social media and website for more info.
  3. Dance it out. This is the physical release of what you no longer want also known as Ecstatic dance. This is a meaningful dance where you abandon yourself to the rhythm of the music and give your body the freedom to express itself without judgment. Practicing this to release negative feelings is a blissful way to let go.
You can also use a variety of yogic tools to help with letting go. 2020 has given us the opportunity to do lots of shadow work and spend some time with ourselves. It has challenged our beliefs, morals, perspectives, and even ways of being. It has been a blissful and painful opportunity to look at our lives with a microscope and it is begging us to let go of what is hurting us. Don’t miss the call and let the fire burn the bullshit accumulated in your life. If this is something that interests you and you would like to learn more, email me at iamvanessa.ayurveda@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to provide you assistance and information. You can also check out my social media or website to learn more about me. IG @iamvanessarivero https://www.barefoothealthwithvanessa.com/ Con Amor, Vanessa
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