Make this holiday a memorable year with these chakra inspired yoga Christmas gifts. Starting at the root chakra, all the way up to the crown, you'll be sure to find a unique Christmas gift to help your loved one feel more balanced this holiday season.

Root Chakra - Mūlādhāra

Our root chakra is our sense of security. It's the foundation on which all other chakras are based and offer us a sense of grounding. When it is open, we feel confident, secure, and able to withstand change with grace. When the root chakra is blocked, we enter into a fear state. These root chakra inspired yoga Christmas gifts will help your loved one feel grounded and connected.

Ravi Weighted Blanket

Yoga Christmas Gifts

A weighted blanket is the perfect comfort gift to help one feel safer. The extra weight grounds you, offering a gentle reminder that you are OK. Gift this weighted yoga blanket for the loved one who may be feeling the holiday anxiety or unsettled from the changing energies during the Vata season.

Tropicfeel Sustainable Shoe

Yoga Christmas Gifts

What better way to get grounded than with a pair of sustainable shoes? With your feet being the direct point of connection to the earth, it is essential that you feel confident and supported while running through the mountains, bustling through the city, or bolting out of town on a road trip with friends.

Sacral Chakra - Svādhisthaña

The sacral chakra is our emotional center. It governs our sexuality, intimacy, and creativity. When it is open, we feel creative and in the flow of ourselves and life. When the sacral chakra is blocked, one may experience fear, mood swings, or loss of imagination and sexual desire.

Quim Smooth Operator Intimate Serum

Yoga Christmas Gifts

Go deep into intimacy with yourself or your loved one with this intimate serum. It helps increase blood flow, promote pelvic relaxation, and decrease inflammation and pain. The intimate serum is a heavenly gift to enhance harmony with the sacral chakra. Try this chakra inspired yoga Christmas gift for your next secret Santa with girlfriends.

Solar Plexus Chakra - Manipūra

The solar plexus chakra grants us our willpower and self-esteem! We can be confident and feel secure in Self. The solar plexus is linked to our third chakra, the fire element, and is our Agni's home. A clean and robust Agni is crucial for lifelong vitality and self-power.


unique yoga gifts

Chyawanprash is an ancient Ayurvedic herbal jam with health benefits renowned for rejuvenating organs and tissues deep within the body. Known as The Yogi's Breakfast, it gently stokes Agni, keeping the digestive tract clean and robust for optimal pranic flow. Learn more about the ways this superfood jam specifically helps enhance and elevate yoga practice. Take 1 tsp daily for 40 days and experience the strength.

Heart chakra - Anāhata

Our heart is the bridge between our lower and upper chakras. This chakra is our ability to give and receive love. An open heart chakra offers joy, healing, and deep compassion for others, but a blocked heart may have difficulty opening up to others.

Rose Cacao Elixir

Yoga Christmas Gifts

Rose is a potent plant for opening the heart chakra. Combined with heart-opening cacao and this rose cacao elixir delivers a luscious taste to increase loving-kindness and feelings of bliss. Share this gift with your best friend, loved one, or girlfriend to deepen your connection together.

Kansa Organics Vata Body Oil

Yoga Christmas Gifts

Abhyanga is a traditional Ayurvedic therapy that brings a sense of calm, peace, and love to oneself. It is the practice of a self oiled massage and is one of the most profound self-love acts. Give these heart-opening yoga Christmas gifts to your loved one who needs a little extra love and a long hug.

Throat Chakra - Viśuddha

The throat chakra is our expression and ability to communicate our wants, needs, and desires. When it is open, we can fully express ourselves truly without a doubt. However, when the throat chakra is blocked, words may be mumbled or challenging to find.

Cobblestone Teapot and Cup Set

Yoga Christmas Gifts

Keep your throat chakra well hydrated for optimal expression and communication. Perhaps offer this Cobblestone Tea Set to soothe your loved one's throat chakra for balanced expression and energy.

Bamboo Wind Chimes

Yoga Christmas Gifts

The throat chakra is connected to the sound element and supported through these traditional Bamboo wind chimes. Call in clarity and harmony through these balancing sounds in this chakra inspired yoga Christmas gift.

Third Eye Chakra - Ājñā

The higher the chakras, the closer connection to the divine is. Our third eye, or Anja, is connected to our intuition and visions of the bigger picture. One may experience confusion or disbelief in truth if it is blocked.

Awaken Spritzer

Yoga Christmas Gifts

Tune into your higher Self with this Awaken Spritzer. Containing juniper berry, lemon, and eucalyptus, Awaken will align your energies to feel balanced and alert to your higher Self. Shake and mist to help you re-energize your divine connection.

Aromatherapy iHome Speaker

Yoga Christmas Gifts

Mix the senses for one extraordinary experience. This aromatherapy iHome speaker combines scent and sound to bring you a powerful combination of healing properties.

Crown chakra - Sahasrāra

The highest and most etheric chakra is the crown chakra. When it is open, divine consciousness is abundant, and we have aligned with your soul's dharma. Try these gifts to settle into your divine Self.

Organic Lavender Eye Pillow

Yoga Christmas Gifts

Soothe your eyes and soul with this organic lavender eye pillow. Warm this eye pillow up, and then place it on top of your eyes to calm your nervous system and connect to your divine Self. Eye pillows are one of the most powerful tools for healing, health, and happiness.

F. Candle Co Copal Candle

Yoga Christmas Gifts

Copal is used in many traditional ceremonies to connect with the spiritual realm. Burning this copal candle will help purify the environment while channeling powerful energies to enter a meditative state. We hope you enjoy these chakra inspired yoga Christmas gifts for your loved ones! 
    Clare Michalik, Ayurvedic Practitioner @Clareminded
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