If you’re having trouble finding a gift for the yogi male in your life this year, look no more. These yoga gifts for men offer advanced technology, ultra comfort, and functional essentials to enhance and elevate yoga and meditation practice.

10 Perfect Yoga Gifts for Men

Manduka eKO yoga mat

manduka yoga mat

If you know a man enjoys yoga, then you can’t go wrong upgrading their yoga mat. Light, eco-friendly, and biodegradable, Manduka’s eKO mat is the perfect mat for a seasoned yogi or someone just starting.

Yoga mat towel

yoga towel for men

Yoga isn’t always a relaxing stretch, although sometimes it can be. Many yoga classes offer a flow that often leaves you dripping sweat on your mat! For the man in your life, give a yoga mat towel. This is the type of essential yoga gift for men that they never knew they needed.

Indo yoga board

yoga gifts for men

If you know an experienced yogi looking to challenge their practice, the Indo yoga board is it. The Indo Yoga board is a wood deck consisting of three rockers on the underside to create subtle instability and, as a result, challenges your balance, core, and patience. Try this extraordinary gift to mix up someone’s yoga routine.

Yoga blocks and strap set

yoga gifts ideas

Yoga blocks and a strap are essential for any yoga practitioner. They offer stability, alignment, and balance to aid in a more profound practice.

Chyawanprash - Yogi tea

unique yoga gifts

Deemed "The Yogis Breakfast", Chyawanprash is a powerful Ayurvedic jam that helps to enhance and elevate yoga practice. This ancient recipe blends powerful organic herbs and superfoods to rejuvenate the body and mind, and promote general vitality. Chyawanprash can specifically help with boosting energy, increasing strength and muscle mass, and focusing the mind, which is why it is so beloved by yogis. Get 15% off with code yogisbreakfast.

Roller Yoga Ball

rad roller ball

A massage ball is every active man’s essential. It brings hyper-precision as a point release tool, which can work out knots on yoga or other exercises. In short, the Roller yoga ball steps up the intensity of your loved one’s recovery.

No Meat Athlete Cookbook

no meat athlete cookbook

Conscious yogis everywhere are moving towards plant-based lifestyles. Inspire the yoga-centered man in your life with the No Meat Athlete Cookbook. It is excellent for those looking to incorporate more plant-based meals into their lives.

Prana reversible headband

yoga gifts for men

Does your yogi tend to get sweaty? This yoga headband helps prevent sweat from dripping down their face, making practice more enjoyable.

Rhone Mako short

gift ideas for men

Rhone Mako shorts help you succeed in any workout or yoga flow. The Mako short is lightweight, quick-drying, and has gusseted seams for mobility. Furthermore, it contains a media pocket inside the right front pocket for your loved one’s phone or earbud case. Rhone provides innovative technology sourcing fabrics from around the globe to secure high-performance activewear for men.

Alo Cargo Traverse sweatpants

gift ideas for men

Sink into savasana with these ultra-comfortable sweatpants. Whether your yoga man is on the move to his next yoga class or relaxing on the couch, Alo’s cargo traverse sweatpants is indeed a comfy and stylish fit. Yoga gifts for men focus on necessity, comfort, and function. For men who also enjoy mediation, check out these gift ideas for meditation lovers. Clare Michalik, Ayurvedic Practitioner @Clareminded
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