Khichari is a traditional Ayurvedic dish and means a mixing of grains. It’s a perfect balance of carbohydrates and proteins with dosha balancing herbs and spices to encourage easy digestion and promote healing.

Khichari Health Benefits

A few of the major health benefits of khichari include:

Improving Digestion

The ingredients used in kitchari are easy to break down in the process of digestion. When we eat easy to digest food, our system doesn’t have to use a lot of energy for assimilation. This provides time for our organs to slow down and has a gentle healing effect on the intestinal track. In addition, the spices used in khichari, including ginger, cumin, coriander, black pepper and salt, help encourage balance in the digestive fire (Agni). Ayurveda is all about maintaining a balanced fire for proper digestion! It’s important to note that what type of food we eat plays a role in how our mind feels. When our body processes the nutrients, it nourishes not just our body, but our mind as well.


Kitchari is also used to cleanse and reset the body internally. This traditional dish is useful to detoxify the body and balance all three doshas: Vata, Pitta, Kapha. The spices used in khichari cleanse or loosen toxins or ama from the body. Once the toxins are loosened, they are easy to eliminate. In Ayurveda, elimination is equally important as digestion.


Khichari is a soothing, comfort food. It is always prepared for people who need soothing, healing, or are recovering from illness, as well as children or babies with poor digestion. Khichari is like chicken soup in America. Khichari is also gluten free and is good for people who want to avoid gluten.

Jaya Daptardar’s Kitchari Recipe

Khichari is a wholesome and easy to prepare dish. The following recipe is balancing for the spring season. Serves 4 Cooking time 25 minutes


1 cup basmati rice 1 cup split lentils (split masoor dal) 2 TBSP ghee (purified butter) 1 TBSP minced / fine chopped ginger 1 TBSP minced / fine chopped garlic ½ TBSP turmeric powder 1 TBSP black pepper Optional: 1 TBSP red chili pepper 1 ½ TBSP Salt 1 TBSP cumin powder 2 TBSP coriander powder One cup of chopped vegetables of your choice (carrots, cauliflower etc.) 4 cups of water

How to make Khichari

Wash rice and split lentils and drain the water. In a heated pan add ghee. Add ginger and garlic. Saute until it starts changing color. Turn the heat to low and add all other spices. Add all vegetables to it and continue to saute. Add rice and lentils. Add 4 cups of water and cook for 25 minutes on medium heat. After 25 minutes, cover it with lid and switch off the heat. Wait for 5 minutes. Serve it hot with a spoon of ghee on to it. If you want to make it soupy, add one extra cup of water while cooking. Jaya Daptardar Ayurveda Specialist
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