Obesity is an epidemic, with over one-third of adults in the USA claiming to be overweight. Some people suffer from weight gain because their constitution is more likely to. A Vata person and a Kapha person may both eat the same meal, but both people will metabolize the food differently. The wrong diet for one's doshic type along with a lack of exercise can result in weight gain and increased ama. Incorporating rasayanas like Chyawanprash can help balance one's constitution, and help increase one's metabolism. Discover Chyawanprash uses for weight loss and weight regulation.

Strengthening Agni

Addressing the imbalances of Agni is important when considering weight gain. Some people lack the digestive fire needed to metabolize food correctly to maintain their healthy weight. In Ayurveda, Chyawanprash is used to regulate the metabolism, and fuel the digestive fire. Chyawanprash has been used for centuries as a Rasayana which controls and manages the body's Agni. This helps people to lose weight, and balance the doshas.
Vata-pitta-kapha are present in every cell, tissue, and organ. When in balance, they create health. When out of balance, they are the cause of disease. Dr. Vasant Lad, The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Ingredients to Regulate Weight

Chyawanprash is recommended to consume every day, specifically in the morning. This appetizing jam works to balance each dosha of the body with specific herbs and extracts. Some of the important ingredients in Chyawanprash that balance the doshas, strengthen Agni, and help the body better metabolize food for weight loss include:
  • Long pepper fruit (piper longum) - Long pepper is used a great deal in Ayurvedic cooking, and contains many helpful properties. Piperine is the main constituent in long pepper, which specifically strengthens the immune system and acts as an antiviral and antibacterial agent. Long pepper reduces blood glucose levels, strengthens liver function, and helps metabolize stagnant ama in the tissues, aiding in safe weight loss.
  • Cinnamon bark - Cinnamon is often recommended for those who suffer from type 2 diabetes, indicating its effective nature in balancing blood glucose levels. Cinnamon is also an effective spice that increases Agni in the cells and tissues, helping to break down ama and undigested toxins in the body. It is also full of fiber, which helps the body to feel full faster and for longer.
  • Haritaki (chebulic myrobalan) - Haritaki is a popular Indian fruit that is most famous for its addition to Triphala. It is effective in treating digestive disorders, like indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, and flatulence. Its light and astringent qualities help to "scrape" the tissues of ama. It has high levels of vitamin C as well, which strengthens the immune system.
  • Phyllanthus - This ancient Ayurvedic herb has been used consistently to help treat more serious disorders. It is popular in several regions of Asia, and in Tibetan and Chinese medicine as well. Sometimes specific ailments can result from weight gain paired with organ dysfunction. Phyllanthus helps to clear excess Kapha from the body, which clears the path for greater Agni, resulting in less disease of the organ systems, and more balance of the doshas.

Daily consumption of PIOR Living's Chyawanprash, paired with a sattvic diet that is appropriate for your vikruti, and yoga, can help one to lose weight and regulate their Agni. This will also result in more energy, a clearer mind, and better digestion.

Ceanna Saatsaz is a Licensed Master Esthetician, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, and Certified Professional Herbalist, from Seattle, WA.

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