Yes! Chyawanprash is safe to consume during breastfeeding. Let me explain why.

The main ingredient of Chyawanprash is amalaki, which is one of the most supportive medicines for the rasa and rakta dhatus of the body (the lymph and blood respectively).

Breast milk, in Ayurveda, is the product of rasa dhatu, so in order to be nourishing ourself and our baby properly while breastfeeding, we want to be nourishing the rasa dhatu. Chyawanprash does this. (Shatavari, is another great medicine for rasa dhatu, also found in this nectar).

PIOR Living’s Chyawanprash contains the beautiful A2 Gir cow’s ghruta ghee, which is a nourishing and building-up substance (brmhana). This is exactly what a new mother needs after giving birth. I would also recommend she massage her body with pure ghruta, to nourish and support her mind and body. Vata dosha is easily deranged in new mothers, so the unctuous qualities of ghruta is very balancing.

Chyawanprash is the first medicine to be mentioned in the first chapter or the first book of Caraka Samhita, the ancient Ayurvedic text. It tells of the story of the Sage Chyawan, who, upon realising that his body was subject to the ageing process, asks Lord Brahma what he could do to live a long and healthy life. Lord Brahma then gives him the recipe for Chyawanprash. It was passed on with every age of human being in mind. It is kaya kalka. Lord Brahma is also the god of creation, so it fits that a mother, who has recently created and given brith to a baby, will need a medicine such as this.

I am keen to impart to new-mother-patients-of-mine, the idea that they need to be supporting themselves too during this postpartum period. They have given so much of their body, mind and soul to another over the last year of their life, so it is important they don’t crash once the baby arrives. The mother needs to be able to rely on herself just as much as the baby needs to rely on her.

Chyawanprash is a beautiful rejuvenating tonic that is wholly supportive, and will help build the body and mind of the mother back up, as well as helping nourish the newly born baby through her breast milk.

Love, Selina

By Selina Van Orden @_atyourbest

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