The benefits of consuming Chyawanprash every day are unparalleled and help sustain one's health in a variety of ways. It can balance digestion, boost immunity, and help you have more energy throughout the day. But many people wonder, is Chyawanprash good for hair? Yes! Chyawanprash brings about numerous aesthetic benefits due to its ability to address imbalances and nourish the tissues.

How Chyawanprash Helps Healthy Hair and Nail Growth

The hair and nails are a direct reflection of the asthi dhatu. When our hair appears dull and lifeless, and our nails are brittle and rigid, it implies a doshic and dhatu imbalance. The consumption of Chyawanprash not only helps to address the doshas and dhatus on a tridoshic level, but its ancient formula contains key herbs and extracts that nourish the asthi dhatu, allowing our hair and nails to grow strong, clear, and lustrous. Some of the key ingredients in Chyawanprash that contribute to healthy hair and nails include:


A fierce and deeply effective herb, ashwagandha is rich is iron, supports blood sugar levels, and works on the endocrine system to help balance hormone levels, in turn helping you live more stress-free. But ashwagandha is more complex than a stress-reducer - this tridoshic and strength-building herb also helps to strengthen the majja dhatu, or the seat of the bone marrow, and overall the dhatvagni, or metabolic energy of all tissues. When the majja is balanced and all the dhatus are strengthened, the asthi will in turn also function more efficiently. It is a delicate balance, and ashwagandha is like the horse carrying all the 7 riders on it's back (the root of the word actually means horse in Sanskrit!)


Ghee is full of nutrients like calcium, Vitamin A, and essential fatty acid omega-3. Ghee also nourishes all the tissues of the body, but its oleating effects are what make it so revolutionary and a necessary daily staple. It helps to balance gut health and strengthen agni, which is essential in tissue function. It also reduces inflammation and helps support the body's ojas, which in turn helps nourish the growth and functioning of the entire system, resulting in shinier hair and stronger nail beds.

Rhizomes - Ginger, Zedoary, & Kudzu

In regards to bone health, rhizomes are integral in the strength and antiosteoporotic effects. Ginger is especially essential in building agni in the digestive tract and tissues. Zedoary is spectacular at helping to reduce and control inflammation in the body, and again this, in turn, helps the dhatvagni function and thrive. Kudzu is full of flavonoids that are similar to estrogen compounds in the body, which supports the formation of osteoblasts in the ashti and majja dhatu. All three rhizomes also contain energetic contributions to the bone, as most roots do in Ayurveda. Read more about Ayurvedic hair care here.

Ceanna Saatsaz, L.M.E., C.A.P., C.P.H.

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