There is a whole line of treatment in Ayurveda that deals with aphrodisiacs. It is called vajikarana therapy. In the traditional medical texts they talk of Ayurvedic herbs for sex power, but this treatment always follows rasayana therapy. Rasayana, as I have mentioned before, is all about revitalisation and rejuvenation. Vajikarana and rasayana go hand in hand. That these two go together is important to take note of, because sex power is a form of life power. If one is feeling well, clear, bright, and healthy, their libido and sexuality is healthy and balanced too. The Objects of Human Pursuit It is interesting because Ayurveda was formulated and written down in order to lengthen someone’s lifespan, allowing their mental and physical faculties to remain in great order so that they can fulfil the four objects of human pursuit. One being their life’s work (dharma) and another being their desire (kama). It is stated that we should fulfil our earthly desires in this lifetime, to save us having to come back… Having said that, Caraka tells us that a life has to be based in virtue: “aphrodisiac therapies should be administered only to a person who is self-controlled. Otherwise if a person of licentious habits is administered this therapy, he, with additional potentiality gained through the therapy will prove to be a nuisance to society.” How to Increase Sexual Potency Having children and therefore sexual potency is key in Ayurveda, to carry on the wisdom and lineage. But how should one go about this? The first key to any therapy is clearing the channels, I love to talk about the necessity of this. I can’t state it enough in fact. You see, if our gut is clear and able to digest everything then we can properly absorb nourishment, if our mind is clear, we don’t get confused and sad and low, rather we see things for what they are. Similarly, if our reproductive channels are clear, they will do their jobs properly. Each system feeds into the next, so by keeping an eye on the whole body, we are supporting the whole as well as its constituent parts! But sex power - yes. There are seven layers of tissue in Ayurveda, each one building upon the last, getting more and more complex as it goes. The first one is rasa which is lymph and interstitial fluid, while the seventh and final layer is shukra, which is the reproductive tissues (namely sperm and ovum). The integrity of the preceding tissue is needed for the next one, so you see here that sexual health is the pinnacle of wellness. It is the sparkle in the eye and vitality in the system. Ayurvedic Herbs For Sex Power Once the system is ready and raring to go, aswagandha is a magical medicine for sexual health, it is adaptogenic meaning it treats what the body needs at that moment. It goes to the nervous system as well as the sexual tissues. It supports progesterone as well as testosterone. Shatavari is also great for balancing female hormones and supporting the female reproductive system. Chyawanprash, the ‘nectar of immortality’ is a classic rasayana which will also boost the entire system, giving vitality also to the reproductive system. By Selina Van Orden @_atyourbest
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