In Korea, bamboo salt (or Jugyeom) has been used for nearly a thousand years, both in the kitchen and as a medicinal treatment. The benefits of bamboo salt are impressive – and medically proven. From its high mineral concentration to its antimicrobial and alkalizing properties, there are plenty of reasons to incorporate bamboo salt into your routine. Here’s what some bamboo salt studies have found.

Medical studies about bamboo salt

Medical studies from around the world have explored the healing properties of this type of salt. Let’s take a look at some of the facts behind bamboo salt science.

Bamboo Salt for Antimicrobial Benefits

Researchers compared the antimicrobial characteristics of bamboo salt and other types of salts. They wrote that “the antimicrobial activities of bamboo salts as found in our study are clearly higher than that of other salt groups. The results found in this study suggest that bamboo salt can be used as a natural antimicrobial.”

Bamboo Salt for Oral Health

A clinical trial evaluated the effectiveness of bamboo salt in herbal toothpaste. Here, results showed that bamboo salt herbal toothpaste had a positive impact on oral health, reducing the count of Streptococcus mutans and Lactobacillus and reinforcing conclusions from other studies that bamboo salt can improve oral health, reduce plaque and gum irritations, whiten teeth, decrease demineralization, decrease tooth hypersensitivity, and strengthen tooth enamel.

Bamboo Salt for Boosting Immunity

“Bamboo salt may offer potential as essential agents for the enhancement of immune function,” according to a study that reviewed the effects of bamboo salt and its component, hydrogen sulfide, on enhancing immunity.

Bamboo Salt for Anti-Cancer Effects

Bamboo salt had an anti-cancer and anti-tumor effect on highly malignant sarcoma cells in lab mice by inducing apoptosis (cell death) and reducing inflammation. Moreover, consumption of 9X bamboo salt showed increases in immunity or lymphocyte proliferation. Another study found that bamboo salt given to mice with melanoma skin cancer had reduced tumor growth and an increased survival rate. The study concluded bamboo salt “is a potential substance for cancer therapy” and suggested bamboo salt “can potentially be utilized for health functional foods for cancer treatment.” Researchers in another study tested the potential anticancer effects of purple bamboo salt: “We obtained results demonstrating that the anti-metastatic effect of purple bamboo salt is greater than that of sea salt. In conclusion, the increased mineral contents, and other phytochemicals are important functional compounds that may increase the buccal mucosa cancer preventive effect of purple bamboo salt.”

Bamboo Salt for H. Pylori Infections

A study involving H. pylori-infected mice revealed that bamboo salt had anti-inflammatory effects and exhibited antibacterial activity against H. pylori. It was also shown to inhibit gastric damage caused by aspirin and ethanol.

Bamboo Salt for Anti-Aging Skin Care

Bamboo salt could prevent skin aging. Mice who consumed bamboo salt and experienced UV radiation had higher dermal collagen and elastic fibre content among other benefits than mice who had other types of salt.

Bamboo Salt with Garlic for Gastrointestinal Disorders

In her thesis, “The Effect of the Mixed Garlic-Bamboo Salt Medication on Antioxidant Acitivity in White Rates with Gastroinestinal Disorders,” according to Bamboo Salt is Science, Professor Kim, Younghee concluded that a mixed garlic-bamboo salt medication has both a preventative and therapeutic effect on gastrointestinal disorders.

Bamboo Salt for Inhibiting Local Allergic Skin Reactions and Release of Histamine

In an experiment at the Oriental Medicine School at Kyunghee University according to Bamboo Salt is Science, Professor Kim Hyung-min found that the higher the concentration of bamboo salt that was administered to test animals, the greater the allergy inhibition rate. In addition, bamboo salt was found to protect the mast cell membrane and inhibits allergic reactions both inside and outside the body.

How to use bamboo salt

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the benefits of bamboo salt. One of the most common uses of bamboo salt is in cooking, where it can be added to different foods and recipes like any other kind of salt. Another option is to dissolve bamboo salt directly on your tongue up to 20 times per day. Simple and effective, this is an excellent way to soak up the salt’s many beneficial properties. Other ways to use bamboo salt include bamboo salt toothpaste, mouthwash, electrolyte drinks, eye and nasal rinse, bath.

Where to buy bamboo salt

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