If you haven't yet made the switch from table salt to a flaky sea salt, you're missing out on the more flavorful and healthier version of the beloved kitchen staple. While most granulated salt you find in a shaker comes from underground mines, sea salt is harvested from evaporated ocean water and retains trace minerals that add flavor – and health benefits.

While there are several types of sea salt available on the market, bamboo salt stands out as the best option. Here’s why.

What Is Sea Salt?

First, let’s take a step back and quickly dive into the basics of sea salt. By definition, sea salt is a form of natural salt that’s produced from evaporated seawater. There are several types of sea salt from all over the world, including fleur de sel, Celtic sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, and Korean bamboo salt.

Unlike highly processed salt (such as table salt), sea salt isn’t laden with artificial additives or unhealthy pollutants and contains lots of beneficial trace minerals. However, not all sea salts are equal, and some are significantly healthier than others. For example, purple bamboo salt is among the purest and healthiest types of salt in the world. 

What Is Bamboo Salt?

Bamboo salt is hand-harvested sea salt from the Korean coast that's placed into bamboo pillars and roasted up to nine times over a scorching-hot fire. During this process, all toxins are removed and it absorbs minerals and nutrients from the bamboo, enhancing its health benefits with each roasting.

This rare and unique sea salt is packed with nutrients and has an extensive list of health benefits, including restoring alkaline balance, improving oral hygiene, and boosting immunity.

How to Use Bamboo Salt

In the restaurant industry, chefs tend to use flaky sea salt as a finishing salt, sprinkled over food just before it gets sent out of the kitchen. At home, you can use bamboo salt for cooking, too. Not only does this type of natural sea salt bring an umami flavor to your dishes, but it also sprinkles an extra dose of healthy minerals on your meal.

But that’s not the only way you can incorporate this healthy salt into your daily routine. Here are a few other ways to use bamboo salt

  • A pinch directly on your tongue for savoring
  • Mixed into tea or an electrolyte drink
  • As a mouthwash or on toothpaste
  • In a bath or foot soak
  • As a salt water flush for your eyes or nose

Where to Find Bamboo Salt

When shopping for bamboo salt, you want to look for authentic, high-quality products made in the traditional process. PIOR Living offers three types of authentic Bamboo Salt in our online shop.

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