Ghee For Treating The Nervous System

Ghee (or better yet, Ghruta) is one of the best medicines for the nervous system, and in my opinion, it is what the whole world needs right now. It is a remedy for the onslaught human beings are dealing with right now. Ghee cushions the cells, channels and organs of our body, as well as nourishing and protecting the nervous system. It also promotes ojas, which is the essence of our immunity and the way in which our body is held internally.

A Quality of Anxiety and an Imbalanced Nervous System is Dryness

The qualities of dryness show up both in mind and body as: dryness of the skin and hair, dryness in joints and fascia, dryness of the nervous system, leading to shaking and further feelings of being out of control and anxious. Feelings of depression, as well as insomnia are also symptoms of a system that is becoming brittle.

Ghee treats these conditions, by giving comfort, lubrication, support and unctuous rest to the system. Ghee is like a cushion upon which our tired mind can rest. Dryness also equals constipation and an unreliable irregular digestive system. Dryness is unpredictable, and flighty, whereas oiliness is reliable, sturdy and supportive. Oil is earth element, and its opposite, dryness, is turbulent wind.

Ayurveda teaches us that like-increases-like and opposites balance each other out, so when we are in a nervous-system conundrum, and we are experiencing dryness in any of the above ways, we need to treat and lubricate it.

Ghee as Medicine for the Nervous System

Ghee or ghruta, penetrates even the most subtle channel, this is one of its special qualities. This means that it has the capacity to travel to the smallest channels of the body, in order to both suck out toxicity, hydrate, and soften, where there otherwise could be rigidity.

The ageing process is the story of the body and mind drying out and getting harder and more rigid. This shows up as creaking bones and joints as well as dogmatic viewpoints that won’t shift or be open to alternatives. This hardening only goes one way unless it is dealt with. Suppleness of mind equals a supple body, and we keep this by making sure we are well nourished and lubricated inside and out.

How to Take Ghee

Internally, as long as you do not have a kapha imbalance, or have a lot of toxicity or ama in your body, I would recommend you:
  • Take one level teaspoon each morning, before you have your breakfast, followed by warm water. This will wake up your digestive fire and system ready for the day ahead.
  • Take one teaspoon each evening last thing, before bed, followed by warm water. To chill your system out, feed your nervous system, and get it ready for bed.

Other ways of using Ghee for the nervous system

  • Foot massage - before bed, to relax the whole body and nervous system. warm a little ghee and rub all over the soles, concentrating on areas of tensions, and not forgetting between the toes!
  • Warm a little up and use it at the base of your spine - the kati region as it is called in Ayurveda, is the seat of vata. You find it at the base of the spine, around the area of the Dimples of Venus. By rubbing this area with warmed ghee, you are lubricating the fountain of Vata, supporting it to do its job well and not get dried up or spread anxiety around your system!
  • In the eyes, to counteract overworked eyes - put a drop (using sterile equipment, heated up) into each eye to lubricate and nourish the eyes and as a remedy to strain and stress from overwork or too much computer.
  • Add it to your coffee - a beautiful way to make the coffee a little less impactful and drying, see here for more info.

By Selina Van Orden

Selina Van Orden is an Ayurvedic Physician living and working in the UK, for more info see 

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