If you're looking for Indian ghee (better known as Ghruta or Ghrita), then you're probably searching for hand-crafted, ethically-sourced ghee from grass-fed, free-range cattle -- and you've come to the right place! PIOR Living's Ghruta is an authentic Indian ghee, hand-crafted in small batches using traditional Ayurvedic methods.

What Makes Indian Ghee Special

Here are some of the ways Indian ghee is often superior to many Western commercial ghee brands:

Free-range, grass-fed, and sacred cows

Cows are treated as sacred according to Hindu lore. That's why Indian cows that produce ghee are often free-range, forest-dwelling cows that are milked only of their own free will and not by force (this gives priority to the feeding of their calves). In addition, these cows are never sacrificed or consumed; therefore, the breed is generationally sustained.

A2 proteins

There's a difference between A1 and A2 milk and the difference in how many people digest these two varieties. Most conventional ghee comes from A1 cow varieties such as Jersey, Holstein Friesian, Ayrshire, and British Short horn. A1 milk contains certain beta-casein proteins, which for many, are difficult to digest and therefore may lead to inflammation, food sensitivities, and digestive issues. On the other hand, Indian ghee is often made from the milk of Indian cows, like Gir or Desi cows, which produce milk that contains predominantly A2 protein.

Milk with life energy

Vedic Astronomy upholds A2 cow varieties as being potent vessels for the illuminating energy of the sun. These cows have a hump on their back that harnesses the solar rays and converts them into gold-bearing micro minerals and life energy.

Where to Buy Indian Ghee

PIOR Living offers its Indian-made Ghruta online to international markets! Now, anyone can purchase and enjoy the yummy, liquid gold that is Ghruta ghee!

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